KIM Terakes, former ad man, food writer and sports tragic has launched a cooking school for men - with a difference.

‘Men should cook, but they should do it with one eye on the TV, its only natural. So we will have the TV on in the classes.’ says Terakes.

‘I love good food and I want to share the ability to cook interesting, delicious food to guys who haven’t cooked much before.”

“ If you’re a confident, experienced cook, go and further your skills with the master chefs. We won’t be cooking at that level, but we won’t be doing steak and chips either. We’ll be cooking things like slow braised meats, simple seafood dishes, flash salads, antipasto and pasta, all with the emphasis on using the best ingredients available.’ he added.

‘It is all positive’ says Terakes, ‘You’ll get out of the house for a couple of hours, have a nice glass of wine, watch the footy or cricket or the races, learn to cook at least three delicious dishes and possibly return home a hero.’