Aussie Bloke's
Aussie Bloke's

When it comes to cooking, the needs of the Great Aussie Bloke are simple. We want food that tastes great, makes us look good, and doesn’t take all day and numerous trips to the shops to prepare. The Great Aussie Blokes cookbook understands this, with over 120 recipes and 80 colour photos it will show you how to cook through all the different stages of your life and as the occasion demands. There are simple dishes for young blokes just leaving home; quick and tasty numbers for school nights; one-dish wonders for when the boys drop by to watch the footy; dinner-party staples to impress friends; and a few high-cholesterol specials to deal with the inevitable hangover that results from all of the above. Written with a wicked sense of humour and complete disregard for the niceties of political correctness, this is a must-have for men at every stage of life and every level of culinary ability.

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